Custom-Designed MEA Biochips

We also provide custom-made MEA biochips upon request. We propose a layout design service and the fabrication of small and large series of customized MEA biochips. If your applications require specific electrode geometries or electrode arrangement, please contact us with your needs at info(at)

General Principles

  • Due to the use of printed circuit boards for connection to external signal amplification and data acquisition electronics, it is easy to adapt our MEA biochips to any available data acquisition system.
  • The number of electrodes can also be changed easily. We have done MEA biochips with up to 256 electrodes.
  • Depending on MEA chip size, many MEA biochips can be manufactured on a single substrate, allowing multiple electrode arrangements to be realized at the same time.
  • We do have technological know-how for manufacturing additional 3D structural features such as open microchannels between electrodes on top of the insulation layer, allowing more complex devices.
  • In general, the unit-price of customized MEA biochips correspond to the unit-price of similar already existing MEA biochips. However, the MEA unit-price could be increased if more complex MEA biochips involving more complex microfabrication processes have to be manufactured.
  • At first order, there are some additional tooling costs (layout design and set of cleanroom masks) as well as a minimum order quantity of about 20 MEA biochip units. This is required in order to cover all the related costs of the customized MEA biochips manufacturing process.

Examples of customised MEA biopchips