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Microelectrodedevices.com helps shape the future of research projects of fundamental research, drug discovery and safety pharmacology around the globe.

Our high precision and high-performance electrophysiology tools, powered by state of the art technology, help scientists and industrial experts to get valuable information from in vitro electrical monitoring of biological samples.

Current products in the market are Micro Electrode Arrays (MEA) for in vitro recording and stimulation of electrical activity from neuronal cells & tissue or cardiac tissue. We are also developing MEA-based solutions specifically tailored for applications in drug discovery and safety pharmacology.

Our Micro Electrode Array products suit your every need.

Micro-Electrode Arrays or MEA biochips are devices comprising micro-fabricated metal electrodes that allow the direct measurement of electrical activity originating from electrogenic cells. The large number of electrodes per well enables the detailed study of network and signal propagation characteristics within tissue samples or dissociated cell cultures.

MEA biochips are used to produce in vitro models of the central nervous system or heart preparations. They provide valuable information in basic neurosciences research applications, functional readouts in drug discovery, as well as an evaluation of effects in toxicity and safety pharmacology.

We provide unique MEA biochips with 3D tip-shaped electrodes that are best suited for monitoring of acute tissue slice preparations.


MEA60 electrode array (MicroElectrodeDevices.com)

2D and 3D Micro Electrode Arrays

We provide MEA biochips that are compatible with commercial data acquisition systems

Porous microelectrode array (MicroElectrodeDevices.com)

Flexible & Porous Electrode Arrays

Electrode arrays based on polyimide polymer fot both in vitro and in vivo applications

MEA120 microelectrode array (MicroElectrodeDevices.com)

Customised Micro Electrode Arrays

Various configurations, geometries and substrate sizes can be realised to fit your needs

Cleanroom - microfabrication

Micro-Fabrication Services

Services such as design and manufacturing of SU-8 moulds for pouring of PDMS structures/parts

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